Do I need a referral?

Yes. As with all specialist services a referral is required from your general dentist, doctor or other specialist for you to receive a rebate from Medicare or your Health Fund.

What should I bring to my first visit?

Please bring all relevant x-rays and a current referral.  Please bring your Medicare card, DVA card and Private Health insurance details.

Is parking available at the Chermside practice?

Yes, there are visitor car parks located directly beside and behind our building, entry is via Gympie Road.

What are the costs involved?

Please call our rooms on 07 3630 5666 to arrange a consultation appointment.  Our friendly  staff will inform you of the cost for this appointment.  You will receive a quotation for surgery at the time of your initial consultation.

Is Dr Crombie a medical doctor?

Yes, Dr Crombie holds both medical and dental degrees and is a highly qualified Oral and Maxillofacial Specialist.

Where will I be treated?

Consultations are available at all of our practices. Surgical procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic or happy gas in rooms or at one of our preferred private hospitals under general anaesthetic.

Do I have to take time off work following my surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you may need between 1 and 7 days off work.  This can be better discussed at your initial consultation appointment.

Can I drive myself home following surgery?

If you are being treated under a general anaesthetic then you will require a carer to take you home.

If you are being treated under a local anaesthetic then you may be fine to drive yourself home.

Do I need a special diet following surgery?

It is always advisable to not do any chewing or have any hot drinks whilst you are numb.  You may enjoy a smoothie, milkshake, yoghurt or ice-cream during this period.  Once the numbness has worn off we suggest you follow a soft food diet for up to a week following surgery.

Can I still be treated if I don’t have private health insurance?

Yes, most definitely.  The initial consultation, once paid, can be claimed through Medicare.  A quotation will be provided to you on the day of your initial consultation.  If you are having surgery carried out under a general anaesthetic at a private hospital you will be supplied with all the relevant phone numbers so that you can contact the hospital and the Anaesthetist directly for a quotation.  You may choose to have your surgery carried out under local anaesthetic which will bring your out of pocket expenses down considerably.

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